The Heavens – Sandra Newman

The Heavens by Sandra Newman is a slow burner that takes it’s time to set up, to set the scene. Billed as a time travelling love story I found it almost lulls the reader into a state of assuredness before yanking out the rug. All I can say is if you are unsure to begin … Continue reading The Heavens – Sandra Newman

Beautiful Bad – Annie Ward

Psychological thrillers aren’t usually my thing, unless I’ve heard excellent things about them, whether it be fantastic writing or a really unique concept. Based solely on the blurb and cover of this one I would normally not have picked it up to read and I’m so glad that I was sent a copy my way. … Continue reading Beautiful Bad – Annie Ward

Everything is Normal – Sergey Grechishkin

Everything is Normal is your average memoir. Boy grows up, the story of his life, family, friends, school. Except when your childhood occurred behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union during the 70's and 80's. This light-hearted insight into going up a Soviet child was engrossing and easy to read. I found this a … Continue reading Everything is Normal – Sergey Grechishkin