Bruny – Heather Rose

Firstly, let me just say that I adored The Museum of Modern Love and was so excited about this one but also a little apprehensive as I loved it that much. These two books are very different from each other but each were mind-blowingly good. On the back of Greta Thunberg and climate change and ScoMo’s “needless anxiety” Bruny is very timely and relevant. Set in the future so immediate it is practically present we have a novel that has a little bit of everything: a thriller full of politics and climate change, family and betrayal and just a dash of love. I’m echoing Bri Lee here but this is the perfect summer read. Intelligent, thought provoking and urgent but incredibly readable and a bit of fun. I found it had the perfect balance of satire and venom, of truth and hope.


I raced through Bruny and enjoyed every moment of it. It is a pacy read, but also not too pacy that you want to rush over the words to get to answers about the plot. I savoured the prose unable to put it down until I made it to the end (apart from a little of that thing sleep). A very consuming and addictive read that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else until I had finished it and yet it is also leave the reader much to ponder over about our all too immediate future. The descriptions of Tasmania and Bruny are haunting and leave the reader with a desire to make the pilgrammage, I know I was left with nothing but a want to return to this little slice of paradise. It also makes you thankful that this place still exists, a footnote on our continent but a place filled with incredible beauty and the cleanest air on the earth. All I can say with this one is do yourself a favour and read it, sooner rather than later, and join the conversation.

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