There Was Still Love – Favel Parrett

There Was Still Love is a beautiful and simple tale of love, family and hardship. Parrett has a skill for understated and elegant prose and storytelling. From Melbourne to Prague the reader has a window into a family split down the middle by war and circumstance.  This tale looks at the strength of women across decades and countries in different situations beyond their control and how it can differ and what that strength looks like.


I loved the vivid scenes and the evocative descriptions that places the reader right there in each time and space. The first person narration involves the reader further so you are well and truly wrapped up in story. I found There Was Still Love very easy to read but it took a little for the full picture to coalesce, which really is the beauty in this novel. A slow and meaningful ride so strap in and get comfortable.


The ending leaves the reader with a feeling and beauty and warmth tinged with sadness. I found myself sitting and reflecting on this one for a while after finishing, always a sign of a strong read. There Was Still Love further cements Parrett as a favourite Australian writer for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of her novels. One to read if you have loved her previous work and one to read if you are a lover of bittersweet tales of love and family.


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