While You Were Reading – Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus

Ali and Michelle have returned with another joyous up-lit full of literary flavour and contemporary references.  While You Were Reading is full of all the fun we came to know and love in The Book Ninja, so if you enjoyed that one don’t hesitate to pick this one up right away. Once again the girls hit it out of the park with all the literary references from The Secret History to crushing on Homer from Tomorrow, When the War Began and despair not, a reading list is included at the end for the reader to peruse and add to their most likely already crushing TBR. Ali and Michelle perfectly encapsulate the generation of today from the connections we forge with an important person in our life: our barista to our millennial love of smashed avo and Osher Gunsberg. Not to mention the role of social media in expressing ourselves and forging connections we may not have found in the real world.


While You Were reading is light and laugh out loud funny. Yes, as with the territory up-lit, you could say some of the characters and situations may fit certain tropes but honestly, in my opinion, it fits the microcosm of society today and so much of it mirrored my own thoughts and experiences, which I loved. Personally I fell hard for the annotated book idea. I read a review from someone else who questioned Bea’s level of obsession with mystery writer but honestly, I felt that obsession in my bones. I fell for the mystery, the connection through words, the urgency to know who and let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have hesitated to climb trees in an attempt to find out. In fact it has left me with a desire to annotate a novel myself for the joy of it.


Honestly, I thought there was so much to love about this one and in particular loved the nod to some IRL boosktagrammers that I have the pleasure of following, interacting with and in some cases having shared a face to face discussion about our mutual love of the written word. Looking forward to seeing what comes next from these two incredible women.

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