Split – edited by Lee Kofman

From the moment I heard about this one I knew it was for me. I’ve had a recent obsession with essays and can’t get enough of this format, not to mention the list of incredible Australian writers that contributed. Split is a collection essays, personal observation, of significant endings and their aftermath. A split from something significant within their lives.  After I read Kofman’s introduction I was hooked and I loved the glimpse into each of these writers’ lives. From countries to religion to many personal relationships the reader sees life and their splits as a reality and not just as a motivator for life change. As Kofman points out social media often uses events like this to sell the reader something but the honest truth is that not all moment like this gives you your “aha” moment. Not every split is going to make you better, faster, stronger. I revelled in this honesty and found this a powerful and intriguing collection.


These essays are great to peruse, slowly savour, take in a story at a time. I slowly read this collection over a few weeks and was not ready for it to end. I particularly loved the essays by A. S. Patric, Fiona Wright, Sami Shah and Peter Bishop, although, I feel as though I took something from each and every essay. With these essays the reader feels as though they get a glimpse behind the curtain at some familiar voices within Australian writing and you can see just how relatable each of these writers are.  I would highly recommend this collection for a change of pace, a different perspective and with some of them something that felt a bit lighter but nonetheless important.


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