On The Sunday She Created God – Gerii Pleitez

On The Sunday She Created God is an angry and intelligent punch to the face that let’s be honest, we all need. Honest and brutally observational this novella packs a lot into it’s sparse pages. I found it very reminiscent of On The Road but from the voice of a feminist writer of colour, a relevant and contemporary voice that you can revel in. I took down so many exquisite passages that perfectly captured a feeling to go back to and ponder over. The prose is beautiful and indulgent observational writing that hits the nail on the head time and time again. Dropping truth bombs over and over again Pleitez shows a devastating understanding of life in Australia right here and now that quite frankly the whole of the country needs to hear.


Urgent and relevant this novella was a captivating and quick read, although, it most definitely is not plot driven, the beauty in this one is in the intricate characters and the moments of revelation. I found this one explosive and addictive finishing it within twenty-four hours. On The Sunday She Created God is an excellent first publication from Kara Sevda Press and I am so excited to see what this new Independent press has for us next. I highly recommend hunting this one down – beg your local independent bookstore to stock it and support new and diverse voices in Australian literature. Honestly, this is the start of something great and I’m ready for more.

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