Whisper Network – Chandler Baker

The Whisper Network is going to have a lot of comparisons to Big Little Lies, which are absolutely correct just with a corporate setting, but what I hope is that this doesn’t work against it in the long run. The Whisper Network is timely, snappy and has so much to pull from it. I was in awe from the moment I started it. While I didn’t find the characters quite as endearing as those from Big Little Lies I though this one was sharper and more ruthless in its social observations, which quite frankly is 100% necessary. There are so many statements about what it is to be a woman in a world that is obviously made for and dominated by men. It is clear Baker knows her stuff and the story is compelling and frustrating in equal measures. While the women that were the main characters were not all quite likeable I thought this decision was important. We, as women or humans even, are not perfectly likeable. We have flaws and make poor decisions constantly and honestly this novel would have come across preachy and unrealistic had these women been too perfect. The worst decisions can come from the best of intentions. 


I’ve mentioned before how much I Iove a collective perspective and this is just another example of it used to perfection. The chorus of frustrated females was a highlight of the novel and added another dimension that took this novel to another level. Their words were woefully accurate and quite frankly depressing. Much little Big Little Lies this book will particularly resonate with those that live and work in the field that the novel is set in. If you have ever worked in the corporate world, this is a must read. On the other hand, if you haven’t that doesn’t diminish the experience in the slightest. All women will be familiar with a number of experiences within this novel. Honestly, this book just made me feel known and understood. The only slight complaint I had about this one was the length of the novel. I feel it could have been a tad shorter. Considering the sentences are zingy and razor sharp I felt the overall length of the novel could have matched that, but overall the pacing was still excellent and I found myself racing to finish it. This novel is urgent and timely and provocative in the best way. I would strongly urge you all to read it and as soon as possible because mark my words, it will be talked about. 

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