When I Hit You – Meena Kandasamy

When I Hit You is an achingly beautiful and raw piece of work. The tale of a woman in love and proving a point who marries an attractive and persuasive professor. She is whisked away to live with him in his small costal town where the walls slowly start to close in one her as he becomes increasingly abusive and bullying. Told to stay put by her parents and work it out we watch as our narrator starts to fight back but will she survive it?

The prose in When I Hit You us delectable perfection, which made all the more sense when I discovered that the author is a poetess. Despite being written by a poet When I Hit You is not overwritten. Visceral and hard hitting there will be times you need to put it down for a few moments and walk away and yet it is difficult to put down and even harder to forget. There are moments of profound beauty and moments of utter horror. This is a novel that everyone can read and take something from it.

I found myself photographing endless passages that capture the essence of life, both the good times and he bad. From love to hate and everything in between. This is a book of life and a worthy inclusion of the Women’s Prize shortlist. A must read in my books I would urge each and everyone to read this important and timely novel.

4 thoughts on “When I Hit You – Meena Kandasamy

  1. I’ve been meaning to pick this one up for a while, but I’ve failed to psyche myself up for it. It sounds like a very hard read!

    Also off topic but I love your tea cup and saucer in the photo! So pretty!


  2. I always love reading your book reviews. They are inspiring. You read such a wide variety books that I have never heard of and I can’t even tell you how many I have picked up because of you. This one is just another on that list. Thanks so much!

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