Everything is Normal – Sergey Grechishkin

Everything is Normal is your average memoir. Boy grows up, the story of his life, family, friends, school. Except when your childhood occurred behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union during the 70’s and 80’s. This light-hearted insight into going up a Soviet child was engrossing and easy to read.

I found this a candid and engaging memoir of growing up in the middle of a communist reign. Sergey had such a unique and foreign experience compared to my own upbringing that I fell headlong into his entertaining childhood. The writing is simple told in a matter of fact manner with equal measures of hilarity. The tone is light and fun as the reader walks along our author’s years of growing up.

I learnt a lot about Soviet life through this rare glimpse. Everything is normal is full of fascinating insight and I flew through it all too quickly. I highly recommend this one to lovers of non-fiction that enjoy learning about a life lived differently to their own. Even for those not big on memoirs this is a great starting point with how engaging and entertaining Sergey’s tales are. A fun and fascinating read with a side of seriousness and history.

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