Eggshell Skull – Bri Lee

Hands down one of the best, most important and touching reads of the year. Eggshell Skull is a memoir of one woman’s year working as a judge’s associate witnessing case after case of sexual violence towards (mostly) women in metropolitan and regional Queensland. Watching the varying degrees of justice handed down and the factors that influence how a legal case plays out. Then taking courage to return to the court system as a complaint in her own case.

This is a timely and sadly all too relevant memoir of life in Australia as a woman. Candid and brutally honest, the reader lives the turmoil and agony with the author. This might be a triggering read for a sadly great proportion of women but it does give the reader a realistic understanding of what it is to be a complainant in the justice system so well worth reading if you can handle it. Eggshell Skull will get your feminist juices flowing and leave you enraged at the treatment women can and do face in society and even in the courtroom.

The writing is honest and relatable. Lee comes across as an absolute legend and an all-round awesome lady that you will want to be friends with. Her own voice within the memoir is clear and gives the reader a strong sense of her self. The writing is intelligent and well-formed. An absolute must-read for the women and men of Australia. This is an incredibly brave and raw piece of work that society needs right now. Do yourself a favour and read it immediately.

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