The Book Ninja – Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus

The Book Ninja is one of my favourite and definitely most fun reads of the year. Meet Frankie Rose. Frankie works in a bookshop spending her day with the men of her dreams: Mr Darcy, Mr Knightley and Mr Tilney just to name a few. She is sick of the disasters that is online dating and decides to take matters into her own hands to find her true literary love. Sending out her favourite novels on the public transport around Melbourne she hides her details at the ned of each book for those with the attention span long her enough to read an entire novel. From there we see her dating escapades until she meets seemingly her perfect man except for one thing: he only reads young adult novels and well, Frankie is a classics lover.

A contemporary romance for book lovers this is an adorable and hilarious read. You will fall in love with the relatable Frankie and her quirky friends and family as she embarks on her journey to find love, just as long as they can appreciate good literature. This novel is a love letter to literature and book lovers will delight in the many references scattered within from Austen to Zafon and honestly, will likely end up with many more books for their own TBR. Yes, this is a contemporary, so there are some situations that are tad cliche and predictable and the character are so vivid and unique that they aren’t exactly realistic but it is so laugh out loud funny and charming I forgot all about this and just delighted in the story. I found myself devouring every page and wanting more. Hidden within are some great snapshots of society today, Ali and Michelle have a great eye for what it is to be a young women living and all her desires and aspirations.

This was a fantastic five star read for me and a great breath of fresh air. Read it with a cheeky glass of wine and their share it with your bestie, from those who want to get into reading and don’t know where to start (hello already generated reading list) to those who love lit just as much as you do. A laugh and a whole lot of fun.

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