Tangerine – Christine Mangan

Tangerine was a enjoyable and unique thriller. Alice has just moved to Tangerine with her new husband and encounters the last person she expected to ever see: her old friend Lucy who she hasn’t seen or spoken to in over a year. Lucy is here and ready to make amends with Alice. Alice who has locked herself away in this new and different city. As she lets Lucy in she also allows her to draw her into life in Tangier and finds herself relaxing and exploring her new city. That is until her husband goes missing and her life starts to unravel and Alice starts to question everything.

Tangerine had a bit of a slowish start for me, that is until the hook appears. From there the story picks up it’s pace with plenty of twists and turns at every corner. The author slowly reveals more and more about our two main characters: Lucy and Alice. Neither are particularly likeable, perhaps the reason for my slow start, but as the novel continues the two characters become layered and their relationship much more complex. The friendship between these two women has great range and Mangan plays with it in a fun and consuming way.

The setting is unique and vibrant leaving the reader with a yearning for pre-independence Morocco, for the colours and flavours and textures. Once it got started the pacing was great – I started and finished it in a day. I can’t say I was completely7 blown away, the twists didn’t overly shock me and I wasn’t so invested that I had to know the resolution right the and there. What it was, though, was a solid thriller that was quite well-written. Mangan has some unique characters and a vivid setting that will leave the reader satisfied. Although, with regards to the comparisons with Tartt and Flynn, well I can’t say it had mood anywhere near the level of Tartt and while the characters are complex and layered I can’t say in my opinion they held a candle to Amy Dunne. Read for a fun and easy thriller. A great holiday read.

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