The Turning – Tim Winton

The Turning is Winton perfection, as always. A collection of interrelated short stories set along the coast of Western Australia. Many of these stories have themes of turnings, of changes, and all of them depict life in Australia, the beauty, the brutality and the honesty.

Winton has an amazing skill at providing the reader with snapshots of real life. It takes immense skill to write short stories that leave the reader sated. In my opinion Winton delivers that statisfaction, that sense of completeness, a whole picture in only a few pages.

The Turning is a strong collection that packs a real punch. Realistic and consuming I found myself enthralled. Some stories will stay with the reader long into the future. Memorable and touching. The Turning is a good introduction to Winton’s style for those who haven’t read his work before and is certainly a must-read for his fans. A beautiful collection of tales that are full of feeling. Feeling that is identifiable and relatable to the reader. A true gift.

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