The Rules of Backyard Croquet – Sunni Overend

The Rules of Backyard Croquet is a delightful and fun contemporary read. Apple March is too good for her job as a manager of a fashion boutique hiding her disgraceful exit from design school deep in the past. The past passions come spilling out when her sister needs a wedding dress but with this reignited passion comes the danger of her past coming to light. To make life more complicated Apple finds herself in the middle of complicated romantic entanglements.

This novel is bright, light and playful with the right amount of spice. I found this an easy read that I breezed through in no time. The pacing was perfection and the characters were vibrant and unique. Some of the characters do fulfil stereotypical tropes but certainly not in a negative way, it really sets the scene for the reader of fashion and frivolity.

The plot isn’t particularly realistic either but who reads contemporary novels for blunt honesty? We all enjoy a little whimsy and a life less ordinary that we can escape into and The Rules of Backyard Croquet certainly delivers. Reader will delight in seeing how the other half live while from the relatable eyes of the girl next door, but not the girl who sits back and can’t hold her own. Our generation’s girl next door, who is a little bit of each of us, who is determined, self-sufficient and independent.

This is definitely for fans of Lauren Weisberger and Zoe Foster-Blake, but with a sharper edge. A modern flair for today’s feminism brought to life with a relatable protagonist. This was an absolute delight and the perfect beach read, along with Overend’s debut The Dangers of Truffle Hunting.

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