From the Wreck – Jane Rawson

From the Wreck was unique, consuming and fun. Historical fiction with a twist. The Admella sunk on a routine trip from Adelaide to Melbourne back in the 1850’s and the author’s ancestor, George Hill survives, while many don’t. Rawson serves this tale up with a dystopian twist: one of the survivors isn’t what they seem.

A blending of historical fiction and dystopian? Yes please. Rawson has written such a unique take on this story: a true historical event with added shapeshifting alien. It sounds bizarre but somehow it works perfectly. Even having this insight prior to reading this novel it was so different to what I imagined.

I couldn’t help being sucked into the story and the characters. I devoured the pages wanting to understand. From the Wreck is imaginative and fun. I loved each of the characters, particularly our loveable alien. Rawson has a gift with words and a remarkable ability to create perspective. From the Wreck is well worth picking up, particularly if you are a fan of historical fiction but want a fresh twist.

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