Paris by the Book – Liam Callanan

A missing husband, a mysterious manuscript and a bookstore in Paris. Paris by the Book is definitely a novel for lovers of books and lovers of Paris. Novelist Robert Eady disappears without a trace leaving his wife Leah and two daughters bereft and alone. After they discover Robert has bought them all tickets to Paris the girls, at a loss, decide to head to Paris to find him, hoping at the least he will join them there. Instead they find a bookshop to adopt and move to Paris. Leah can’t seem to shake the feeling the feeling that Robert is still around and a mysterious manuscript written by Robert before his disappearance seems to have a few clues.

Paris by the Book is charming and touching. Readers will fall for Leah and her beautiful daughters, Ellie and Daphne, and their whimsical, yet broken, life in Paris. The setting of the bookstore is what literary dreams are made of and the pages are studded with literary references for the reader to enjoy, as well as mentions of geography that anyone who has wandered the streets of Paris will be charmed by.

The characters are endearing and relatable in their grief of a missing husband and father. I loved Ellie and Daphne, vivid in their joys of Paris and misery in their missing parent. Although the secondary characters could have had a tad more meat to their development. Overall this was a fun and heartwarming story of a family pulling together despite their ups and downs. A beautiful novel that is a love letter to books and to Paris. A perfectly enjoyable reading experience.

2 thoughts on “Paris by the Book – Liam Callanan

  1. This sounds lovely! I had seen it around with a completely different cover, which had really made me think about how I judge books by their covers – this looks quite literary, whereas the other cover looked like ‘chick lit’ (which is also fine – just interesting!)

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