Island Home – Tim Winton

Described as a landscape memoir Island Home is really a love letter to the Australian landscape. For me no one describes and captures our landscape like Winton. His words speak to my soul and encapsulate and explain my connection to the country around me, the land I grew up around. Bleak and sparse it may appear to others and yet it holds a beauty and nostalgia within me.

As usual Winton’s prose is lyrical and reverent and speaks of his true passion and understanding of the land. I loved the insight into his influences and experiences. His discussion of cultural, social and environmental issues is done with impunity and strength, a stripped back honesty. I loved everything about this piece of writing but it does require clear concentration when reading this to truly immerse yourself in his thoughts.

I highly recommend Island Home for fans of Winton’s work and all lovers of the Australian landscape. Beware expats who pick this up as it will act as a sirens song leaving you nostalgic for home. A beautiful piece of writing really for anyone who has a love for the natural world, Australian or not.

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