The Rules Do Not Apply – Ariel Levy

The Rules Do Not Apply is the most candid memoir I have read. Levy’s memoir is truly a book for our generation. We want it all and we want it now. The Rules Do Not Apply tells of how Levy has it all or if working towards it when in one trip her whole life changes and falls apart. What follows is her resilience in picking herself up again and finding her way.

Levy is fearless in baring her soul to the reader. The ugliness and the goodness. Her story is not a pretty one. It is full of mistakes, bad luck and poor decisions and yet she unflinchingly shares each and every detail with the reader. An action that is incredibly brave. Levy’s writing is compelling and draws the reader in, constantly aching to read more. I polished this one off in a single day and marked out many passages and know I’ll return to this one over and over again taking something new from it each time. As I mentioned it truly is a memoir for our impatient generation who wants it all with no consequences.

This is a meditation to slow down and realise that it is okay i wings don’t work out how you plan it. You can’t force life to behave the way you want it to, you can only roll with reality and make the best of it. This is a memoir that I would highly recommend picking up, particularly to the twenty and thirty-somethings of today. We can learn much from Levy’s words of wisdom.

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