Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman

In all honesty on my first attempt at this one I gave up early on. Even the second time around I wasn’t completely sure until page 177. For all that I did discover that Eleanor Oliphant certainly was worth the toil as it blossomed into an unforgettable read. Eleanor Oliphant is perfectly fine, thank you very much. In fact it seems that the rest of the world are pretty strange and quite frankly very rude a lot of the time. Eleanor exists by living a simple life of her own. She works in accounts from Monday to Friday and celebrates the weekend with a pizza from Tesco’s and several litres of vodka. That is until an act of kindness leads her out of her comfort zone and changes her life completely leading her to face the darker corners of her life that she has managed to forget.

Initially I found Eleanor irritating. Lets be honest, she is irritating. Even after realising there were reasons why she was like that. It did take most of the book to come around to come around to enjoying her character but I did get there and found it very worthwhile . The writing really was fantastic. Eleanor’s character was flawless and you do chuckle at many of her one-liners. The words were extravagant and fun and become a real delight once I was used to it. Intelligent and consuming the pace kept my interest with just enough mystery to keep the story going.

I have to admit I guess half of the musketry in the end and wasn’t overly surprised by the last twist but the plot was very well-done and came together plausibly and satisfactorily. It certainly was not overdone in terms of the plot, enough was left unsaid and the ending was great. I had to admit Eleanor Oliphant was well worth the perseverance and I urge you to keep going if you are like me and find it has a rocky start. I would also highly recommend this one to anyone who has an interest in psychology.

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