Nevermoor – Jessica Townsend

Morrigan Crow is cursed and, thus, destined to die at the ripe old age of eleven at midnight on Eventide. Having lived her life blamed for every unlucky act and natural disaster life has been less than satisfying until Morrigan is invited by the mysterious Jupiter North to step boldly into the land of Nevermoor saving her from an untimely death. Life isn’t all that simple in Nevermoor with Morrigan having to earn her palce at the prestigious Wondrous Society before she is truly safe. The first book in the Nevermoor series, this was a fun and charming middle-grade read.

I have seen Nevermoor described at the next Harry Potter, which I think is a little unfair call as it automatically raises very high expectations. I think the reader should expect it is only like our beloved Harry Potter in the way that it makes you feel, just like stepping into Narnia or the Wizarding World, this book transports the reader to a magical new world with so much to discover. Yes, this book also starts with a child turning eleven and receiving a letter but the similarities end there. Neither do you get the feeling that Nevermoor is “trying” to be Harry Potter, it is simply something different and wunderful all of it’s own.

Townsend creates a bold and brave new world in Nevermoor that is captivating and vivid. There are plenty of loveable and unique characters to fall in love with, a personal favourite of mine being the affable Hawthorne. I’m already excited to continue my journey in this series if only to get to see more of this fascinating world and to get to know more about these fantastic characters. Nevermoor was charming and easy to read. The pacing was great and I was able to finish it within several days. Keep an eye out for several small Aussie quirks within the pages too (go Aussies!). Overall, Nevermoor was a promising start to a fun new middle-grade series that you should definitely acquaint yourself and your children with as soon as possible.

8 thoughts on “Nevermoor – Jessica Townsend

  1. Hi crazybookladyreviews 😀 ,
    Thanks for your book review. I’m in love with Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend. I searched for the book and i was able to buy it a week ago. However it’s pretty hard to find . I found it on ( sorry if i’m not allowed to leave a link here but maybe it will help others too) . I recommend everyone to read this book. Thanks again for your review. Keep up with your good work and make more book reviews. I enjoy reading them :*

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