I am, I am, I am – Maggie O’Farrell

Death brushed past me on that path, so close that I could feel its touch…


Maggie O’Farrell’s unique memoir I am, I am, I am tells the reader of Maggie’s life through a series of brushes with death. After reading about the way it was written my interest was piqued and I was so excited when it turned up on my doorstep. Fate, I’m sure.


This was an incredibly fast read for me, which I devoured within several days. The way it is written in chapters pertaining to brushes with death keep the reader on their toes and fully invested. The first chapter start with a chilling bang. Each chapter starts with a beautiful diagram of the area of the body that the chapter relates to. The way O’Farrell ties these brushes with death into aspects of life in general is a highlight and I found myself unable to put this one down.


If you are someone who enjoys a unique memoir, or even if you haven’t read one before and are not sure if it is your thing – I do recommend picking up I am, I am, I am. This is an easy to read and fascinating memoir. I give I am, I am, I am three sets of lungs, for each chapter in the book dedicated to them.


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