Terra Nullius – Claire G. Coleman

Terra Nullius was a recent breath of fresh air for me from debut author Claire G. Coleman. Jacky was running, running away from the Settlers, hoping to return home to his family if he could find where home is. This daring escape causes a sense of unrest within the Natives and the Settlers are eager to establish peace as soon as possible. Starting off just how you imagine colonisation was all those years ago when the British first invaded Australia but as the plot progresses the reader discovers not all is what it seems.


Terra Nullius was a fascinating work of speculative fiction, strong for a debut novel. This novel really puts the reader in the shoes of the Natives under the control of the brutal Settlers. A very important perspective to take on in current day Australia amidst current political debates (*cough* change the date *cough*). Coleman has managed to write a great, fun, memorable story on a superficial level and has eft some important lessons in there for the reader if they choose to see them, for which I salute her. On both levels I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.


I found the multiple personalities and enjoyable method of teaching the reader about both the Natives and the Settlers and enjoyed learning about each of the characters. Terra Nullius was fast-paced and immersive, I devoured this one in little over 24 hours and already know I will read it again. This is one I hope to see taught in high school around the country in the years to come as I feel it provides an important insight into our countries history, while being relevant and standing on it’s own as fiction. A great read and one I urge you to pick up asap. I give Terra Nullius four stars.


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