Every Lie I’ve Ever Told – Rosie Waterline

Every Lie I’ve Ever Told is Rosie Waterland’s second book about her life and experiences. Like most of Australia I fell in love with Rosie’s hilarious recaps of The Bachelor, honestly, making work weeks much more bearable laughing along to her astute and hilarious observations. Ever Lie I’ve Ever Told is a collection of personal essays that each begin with the premise of a falsehood that Rosie has told herself or others. What follows is hilarious and heart-breaking in equal measures.


Every Lie I’ve Ever Told is Rosie at her absolute best. I honestly could have read it in a single sitting if I was given ample time. Sadly I did not and had to make do with finishing it in three sittings across two days. This book is laugh out loud funny, embarrassingly so. I honestly was constantly sniggering, probably irritating the hell out of my colleagues when I read it at work during lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the format – particularly the chapter names and reading all her lies. Rosie has a unique talent for blending humour with tragedy and still managing to discuss important social issues.


Honestly, the most important thing about this novel is that it opens the dialogue for some incredibly relevant issues. Issues such as the honesty of mental health, how grief works differently in all of us, abusive and dysfunctional relationship, standards towards women and even abortion (echoing Lindy West, who I watched discuss the same issue at writers week earlier this  year). Rosie is so brutally honest like no-one else I have ever read, from fart-sniffing to sexual escapades to mistakes on social media. There is zero pretence, which in a world where we live by social media standards, is such an important gift. To realise we are all a little weird and if you aren’y, you are lying.


In this book you will laugh and you will cry. This is a strong second book and I know I’ll eagerly anticipate anything else Rosie swings our way in the future. I would urge you to give this book a go if only to raise you aren’t along in this cray world. I give Every Lie I’ve Ever Told four Polly Pockets, the best toy of our childhood.


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