Emma – Jane Austen

The next classic on my pile to tackle is Emma, which I was excited to get into and it had nothing to do with the movie Clueless (jks). Emma is smart, rich and beautiful women. Independent in the limited way women could be back in those times but happily living it up single. Even happier when she could try her hand at matchmaking, with her new friend Harriet her next target. Despite the warnings of her brother-in-law Mr Knightley Emma persists in her plans to disastrous consequences leading to more than a little self-reflection.


In the Jane Austen way it took me a long time to get into Emma, to get my head into the language and times and keep all the characters straight. Much longer than it took with Pride and Prejudice, a firm favourite of mine. I do have to say this novel did not capture my heart in the same way that Pride and Prejudice did. Some of the blame possibly lays in the fact I spent the entire time comparing Emma to Clueless (another favourite) and, therefore, was able to anticipate all of the novel’s twists and turns.


I found most of the characters to be frivolous or irritating and not in an endearing way either. Mr Knightly was abut the only character I truly cared for and to be honest, Emma was just not as likeable as Cher. I found Mr Woodhouse incredibly tedious, Miss Bates was potentially one of the most irritating characters I have ever encountered. I would tune out every time she spoke. Mr and Mrs Elton were insufferable and Frank Churchill selfish and indulgent. The lack go attachment to the characters inhibited my ability to completely fall in love with the novel.


That being said, I still found it very much worth the read and look forward to continuing my plan to read all of Austen’s novels. I give Emma three stars but in all honesty, I’m off to rewatch Clueless.


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