Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

Dark Matter was another quick read for me, started and finished in a day. Jason Dessen is in the throes of middle-age with a wife, son and your average day job until one night is abducted, knocked unconscious and his whole world changes. He wakes up, strapped down to a stranger welcoming him back. Where is he? What happened? The novel is a race to find all the answers before it is too late.


Part thriller, part science fiction this is another thought-provoking novel. Are you happy with your life? Would you do anything different? Are there any decisions that changed the course of your life? This book is fast-paced from the get go with the reader thrown in the thick of things straight away. Dark Matter is a great exploration of the multi-verse concept and I very much enjoyed exercising my brain with all the twists and turns that ensued. Just when you think you have the idea nailed down you get another curve ball thrown at you.


The writing is compelling with a unique and fun concept. Dark Matter is well worth a read, especially if you are a fan of sci-fi or even if you are someone wanting to dip your toe in the pool for the first time with an easy read. Given this novel dips it’s toes in several genres it is a good one for those starting out. I give Dark Matter four stars and predict if this one turns into a movie Matt Damon will be our Jason.


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