This year’s bookstack..

I was compelled this week by Belletrist‘s call to show us your bookstack. The idea took my fancy as I wanted to visualise just how much I had read this year. I was pretty impressed to see just what my pile looked like. Not a comprehensive stack but one containing the vast majority of my reads this year and most certainly my most enjoyed.
This year I did things differently. I didn’t set my reading goal for the year high, in fact I purposely underestimated myself. Instead of pushing myself to read more I wanted to dial it back and read for pleasure, when I wanted on my own terms, and to instead broaden my horizons. To read widely. I have attended my local writer’s week and read a huge range of books from authors that attended. I have taken personal recommendations from book sellers and local authors. I have delved into the world of non-fiction and not looked back. I have read around the world. I have read authors from my own backyard extensively. I have reread favourites and curled up with guilty pleasures. 
I am proud to display the books that have shaped my year. I am also proud that the ones not displayed, ones that were not really for me have been re-released into the world to be someone elses treasure. What does your stack look like? What do you like about it? 

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