And Fire Came Down – Emma Viskic

And Fire Came Down is another in the slew of Aussie crime fiction at the moment – something I do not have a problem with. The second novel following Caleb Zelic, Caleb is recovering after his best friend was murdered, his wife tortured and now separated from him, he is constantly haunted by his past. When a mysterious young woman turns up at his house looking for him and ends up dead in the street Caleb finds himself investigating and being lead back to his home town, Resurrection Bay.


This was a good, fast-paced read, in fact I finished it in less than 24 hours. I enjoyed the diversity in this novel. Caleb, our protagonist deaf and he is constantly dealing with trying to understand all the mumblers and fast-talkers of the world. The local Indigenous community is an important part of the novel which I also applaud. Even though this novel stand on it’s own I do wish I had read the first novel, Resurrection Bay, before I started this one, if only to understand a little better his mind set and struggles as a result of his prior experiences.


The writing was simple, easy to read and efficient. I found myself gliding through the pages easily. The plot, however, was a little too intricate and messy. At times it was a little difficult to follow and try to understand. That being sad, it made it impossible to predict the twists and turns. Overall, it was good fun crime fiction and one I would suggest to those that enjoy the genre. I give And Fire Came Down three stars.


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