Vicious – V.E. Schwab

After loving the Darker Shades of Magic trilogy I decided I had to pick up Schwab’s other adult release. Vicious is the tale of Victor and Eli, college roommates both filled with brilliance and ambition. This ambition leads to some dangerous research into EOs, or extraordinaries. After several brushes with death the pair validate their hypotheses with disastrous consequences. Ten years later and Victor has escaped from prison looking for Eli, who has made it his mission to remove all over EOs from existence. Who will win their dramatic showdown?


This was another great read from Schwab. Having not read any fiction based on superhero, I really enjoyed her take on the subject – in particular how everyone likes to think they are the hero of their story, but are they really? This novel really turns the trope on its head with the characters of Victor and Eli. Which one is the hero? Both? Neither? Their relationship and the relationship between Sydney and her sister and highlights of the book, both complex and layered I enjoyed learning about these characters. I also loved the theory behind reading the EOs that leads Victor and Eli down the road of experimentation. Mitch was another highlight, probably my favourite character in the book, he balanced out the intense relationships of the other characters.


The way the book was written keeps the reader engaged throughout. Switching perspectives and time the plot is slowly revealed and we learn about each other the characters and how they fit together. The novel is fast-paced and leaves you wondering who will be left standing at the end. I love Schwab’s imagination and where it takes her. This story was so different, more science fiction than her other trilogy, which is full fantasy. but just as compelling and engrossing. Vicious was a fun and unique concept with a great mix of characters. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of superheroes and a bit of light-hearted fun. I give Vicious three guns, ever present in this novel.



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