One of Us is Lying – Karen M. McManus

One of Us is Lying was a super quick and fun read. Five walking cliches walk into detention. Only four walk out. This is the Breakfast Club with a murder mystery twist. A jock. A princess. A geek. A criminal. One dead outcast. Each one of them is hiding something, but which one of them did it? Well, you will just have to read and find out.


I read this novel easily in less than twenty-four hours. I don’t often read young adult fiction and even rarer, one that is not fantasy but I thoroughly enjoyed this one and read most of it with a ridiculous grin on my face. As a fan of the Breakfast Club I also couldn’t help myself but picture Cooper, Addy and Nate as Emilio Esteves, Molly Ringwood and Judd Nelson respectively (I only rematched it just last week).


The prose and storyline were pretty simple and straight forward, which was a nice change after reading The Shadow of the Wind the day before. The books is built on cliches and even their secrets are a tad cliche (which I don’t say in a negative way) so if you aren’t one for stereotypes maybe give this a miss, the entire premise is built on it. I really enjoyed the stereotypes at the beginning that left room for character development within the novel and I came to love each and everyone of the characters by the end of the novel, Addy in particular. The twists were not too farfetched but work within the range of the plot and finish the story off nicely.


Overall this was fun and consuming, a great young adult read – especially if you are a fan of the Breakfast Club (seriously, if you haven’t watched it please do so immediately) with a side of mystery with great pacing. I give One of Us is Lying three mobile phones, key to the mystery.


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