Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights was once the bane of my existence, I had tried to read it several times and failed. Finally I had the genius revelation of reading it on my lunch break away from the distraction of easier reads to be found in my own home. A genius idea because I discovered just how great a read this novel is and was reminded (once again) that classics are generally worth the initial toil. If you don’t know the story of Wuthering Heights, this novel follows the tempestuous relationship between the spoilt Cathy and the haughty and angry Heathcliff and how their actions create reactions felt across generations.


Wow. I was not expecting  what I got with this novel. Classics are difficult to get into. They do require time to get used to the language and writing style but, my god, are they worth it in the end. The classics, in my opinion, are so audacious in a way that novels are not these days. If these novels were written these days many of them would be critiqued to all hell if they were even published at all. Over written and over dramatic with too heavy dialogues. Yet, these classics manage to be endearing and unique and are well worth the initial toil.


The first half of the book was my favourite by far, a solid four to four and a lahlf stars for me, however, I lost a little interest in the second half. Catherine and Heathcliff and their relationship were so fascinating! Both were selfish and abhorrent, yet, I found myself wanting them to end up together and finally happy. Such a tempestuous and passionate relationship there is much to be learned from this book: be honest and go after what you want. Cathy and Linton were not so interesting to me and in fact I kind of disliked Linton for his weak disposition. Heathcliff is much better because he is at least strong in his convictions and actions. Overall, I did enjoy the ending, I thought it brought the book in full circle.


I would highly recommend giving this classic a read as it is well-deserving of the hype. I now, also, FINALLY understand the Kate Bush song (and that interpretive dancing?). I give Wuthering Heights three of Cathy’s ponies bearing her to Withering Heights.


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