Memories Unwound – Ruby Dhal

change is what

we all see

yet it is

a door that

– no one wants to open.


Memory Unwound by Ruby Dhal is a beautiful collection of poetry to be savoured. For fans of Rupi Kaur, her and Dhal have similar writing styles. These poems are certainly not as biting or intense as Kaur’s but that isn’t to say they are any less meaningful or hard hitting. Instead they are understated and elegant. Dhal writes that “each piece aims to go beyond just words and reveal emotion”. The title emphasises poetry that is “universally relatable” and these words are just that. Beautiful, flowery and pleasing words describing common feelings, a universal understanding that I would struggle to to put into any words let alone such beautiful poetry. Memories Unwound is life poetry, so many phrases and ideas that I can relate to in my ay to day life. This collection was highly enjoyable and is something I can pick up, flick to a random page and find words that will settle my soul. I highly recommend giving this collection a go.


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