Startdust – Neil Gaiman

A short and sweet review for a short and sweet novel. Stardust tells the story of Tristan Thorn, a citizen of Wall, who falls in love with the ravishing Victoria Forester. To win his heart’s desire from her Tristan sets off into the world of Faerie to recover a fallen star for Victoria. What Tristan doesn’t count on is others who are pursuing this prize and ultimately what the star wants herself.


Stardust  can only be described as an adult fairytale. It is whimsical, unpredictable and loveable. I was charmed from the first few pages up until the very end. There are not a lot of in-depth details, nor to we get to know the characters on an up-close and personal level but given the tone of the novel this is not required, nor missed. Gaiman’s writing is, as always, a highlight. His way of writing fantasy leaves the reader wanting more and my next move is to listen to an audiobook of one of his novels to hear his voice tell the stories he so clearly loves.


There isn’t much more to say without going into plot detail and spoiling some of the fun. The characters are vivid and memorable. The story is fast-paced and timely, barely cracking two hundred pages. It is fun and unpredictable, a charming novel that all can enjoy. Do yourself a favour and read this book. I give Stardust four shooting stars.


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