The Dangers of Truffle Hunting – Sunni Overend

The Dangers of Truffle Hunting was very different from my usual read, which is the beauty of my Sensei Subscription. I get to sample books that I generally would not have picked for myself, although, if anything is a cover buy, it is this. The cover is beautiful and alluring. Despite this being far from my usual genre I very much enjoyed the story. In fact I read this in one day. Kit Gossard is your typical young woman in Australia, she has her life together. Her finance, Scott, is an up and coming furniture designer, she just secured a full-time job in her chosen field of food photography and she spends extra time home on the family winery. All is well and running to plan. Until she finds herself feeling bored, constrained, not sure this path is for her. This all comes about when she meets the mysterious Raph (seriously, for the first half of this book I read his name as Ralph until a certain point where it blew my mind and I realised I had been reading it wrong the entire time). And then it all goes wrong.


This book is a romance/finding yourself type story with the narrator at the end of her twenties. As someone of a similar age I found this quite relatable. You think by this age you would have your life together, perfectly sorted, however, that is not necessarily the case and isn’t for most of my peers. I found this aspect quite realistic and something that many people could identify with. I also loved that it was set around a winery, this appeals to all my fantasies and in case you didn’t know, I love wine and visiting wineries. In fact, even little old Adelaide and the Barossa are scenes within the novel. Although, I knew I didn’t like Scott after his comments about my home (haha).


I did find myself incredibly frustrated with Kit for the whole middle portion of the novel. Of course the reader can see all her flaws and what the right path or her is (well, what the wrong path is at the very least). Of course it takes her a good part of the novel to figure that out, I guess there wouldn’t be much of a novel if she did figure it out. That didn’t stop me face-palming when she continually refuses to see what is in front of her face. What Overhand captures perfectly and what makes this better than your average romance is the way she describes the passion with food and wine. Love, like good food and wine can be messy, artful, hungry and passionate. All of that is captured within the pages and shows a true understanding of the underbelly of life. Lets all be honest, safe and clean is boring and restrictive.


I also appreciated that Overhand threw in some greats twists that I didn’t see coming. From early on you have a good idea of how the book will end so keeping the reader on their toes and removing much of the predictability in the core of the novel ket it interesting. This novel was insightful and intriguing and I would most definitely recommend picking it up. I give the Dangers of Truffle Hunting three glasses of wine.


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