Fatal Crossing – Lone Theils

Fatal Crossing was the Books on the Rail April Book of the Month. This is a twister psychological thriller that hooks you in from the very beginning. Serial killers and pretty, young missing women will always fascinate and this novel was no different. When journalist Nora Sand purchases a vintage suitcase for her collection she discovers polaroids of young women, except one picture depicts two, young Danish girls that went missing on a Ferry in 1985. Linked to a notorious serial killer that is serving a life sentence Nora finds herself in the middle of a nagging mystery that puts her in grab danger of becoming another missing woman.


Once I picked this book up I found it very difficult to put down and I finished it in less that 24 hours. The pacing was great with the mystery and different strands of the story too much to walk away from. Despite loving the pace and mystery of this novel I did have a few problems with it upon retrospect. I did;t quite believe the relationship between the protagonist, Nora, and her love interest. She suddenly jumps from rebuffing him as a young woman to being desperately in love with him and pining away. Perhaps it is the simple concept of wanting what you can’t have but it felt a little contrived in the novel.


I also had some lingering questions about some of the plot points that I felt were skated over and not explained to my satisfaction, removing some of the believability from the thriller. I won’t go into detail as not to spoil the plot, as I do still recommend this novel. These retrospective questions only came of up after I finished the book and did not affect my thoughts as I was reading, still making the novel more than enjoyable.


I did enjoy the protagonist, Nora, she was relatable  and believable throughout the novel. The pacing used by Theils was spot on too. I would recommend this novel if you want something quick and absorbing, a perfect plane ride novel. Rad this if you enjoy a crime thriller and want a fast, dark and entertaining read. I give Fatal Crossing three cameras, the pictures and important part of this mystery.


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