Wine & Words Wednesday 05/04/17

It’s my favourite day, once again. Wine & words Wednesday is here again and I have my glass in hand and bottle opened and ready to go. Once again we are travelling to the Clare Valley to Shut The Gate Wines. I have described this winery several times already so I’ll spare you the long spiel (all the more time for drinking and reading) but basically if you ever have the opportunity to visit the Clare Valley do it and visit this gem of a winery. To get to the cellar door you cross an old stone bridge and find yourself in a lush green garden with a cellar door packed with boxes of wine and the most amazing local produce available for purchase too (think of the cheese!) plus the staff are friendly and approachable. The wine I have selected for you today is their 2013 Single Site Grenache. Grenache is one of the most widely planted varietals of red and delicious in my humble opinion. This grenache has notes of liquorice, forest fruits, oak and florals. The perfect drop for a rainy yet temperate autumn afternoon, looking out the window, taking in the bouquet with a book in the other hand. What book you may say? Well, let us press on and find out.


A highlight of Shut The Gate’s wines is their unique and visually pleasing labels. Seriously, the black and white illustrations are intricate and alluring. Just have a look at the close up below. Far too pretty to dispose of in my opinion, in fact this one will find itself with a candle in the neck once it is empty. To go with each illustration is a little anecdote and a description in the top left hand corner. The anecdote and illustration of this bottle is that of the wold in sheets clothing, the description “for hunger”. Here lies my inspiration for this pairing, Warm Bodies. Who better knows hunger than a zombie hankering for some human brains? A vampire maybe? But I prefer Warm Bodies to Twilight any day. Although as the story progresses our narrator, R, becomes more of a sheep in wolves clothing losing his hunger for brains as his hunger for human companionship increases. For those of you who have not read this book or watch the movie, well I suggest you do both. Warm Bodies is essentially a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet, instead we have R, the zombie, and Julie, one of the few free humans still  living. Pick up these beauties, book and wines of course, and settle in for a delightful read with an action twist and a heart-warming Grenache to satisfy your hunger for wine.


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