You – Caroline Kepnes

I’ve had this book on my list of books to read for a good while and couldn’t resist picking it up last week when I found it out of place on a random shelf. I started it on the weekend when I was craving something easy to read that would hook me it. I certainly wasn’t wrong! I could not put this book down and read it all in one afternoon/evening. You tells the story of Joe. Joe works in a bookstore in New York when one day he meets Guinevere Beck and is immediately enamoured by her beauty and decent taste in literature. Joe isn’t like other guys, Joe is obsessive, manipulative and begins stalking Beck in order to find more about her.

This book was horrifying and revolting, yet like a car crash I just could not look away. Kepnes’ portrayal of a stalker is chilling to the core. The abject sexualisation of his thoughts give you shudders down your spine and the ease at which he discovers information and inserts himself into Beck’s life is creepy and makes me want to keep my windows shut (I’m a shocker at closing my blinds at night and enjoy fresh air in my room, much like Beck). This novel highlights just how easy it is to get people’s information these days and makes you second-guess your social media imprint. It is amazing what people can deduce from your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts and even plain old Google. Some interesting concepts to ponder in this day and age.

I found some interesting parallels between the couple in You and the couple in Gone Girl, another favourite thriller of mine. Both parts of the couples in both books are somewhat abhorrent, all at different places on the spectrum, but you don’t necessarily feel a lot sympathy for any of the characters even if they are victims. Joe is psychotic, yet calmly and rationally so throughout most of the novel and Beck has her own host of issues. Both characters are fascinating to follow and I found myself caught up in their lives.

Kepnes’ writing kept me on the edge of my seat (well, my comfy, comfy bed) and I was disappointed for their story to end. Not to fear, Hidden Bodies, the continuation of Joe’s story is out now and ready for me to pick up when I have the chance. I am absolutely hooked on this character’s story and can’t wait to dive in to Hidden Bodies. This was most certainly my creepiest read of the year and would highly recommend this to anyone that wants a plausible psychological thriller from the unique perspective of the perpetrator. I give You four musical notes from Beck’s (and my brother’s) favourite movie – Pitch Perfect.

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