The Princess Saves Herself In This One – Amanda Lovelace

when i die,

do not


a minute

mourning me.

i may go,

but i will

leave behind

all my

thousand & one


– a bookmad girl never dies.


What gets better than poetry written by a true book lover? One who completely understands the beauty of a well-written novel! Amanda Lovelace speaks to my soul with these words and I found her collection difficult to put down. Seriously, I had to force myself to read only one section at a time to stop myself from devouring it in one sitting. Reminiscent of milk and honey (I actually came across this one searching for poetry similar after loving Kaur’s collection) these poems are divided into four sections: the princess, the damsel, the queen and you. I fell in love with her words just as much as Kaur’s and am already planning to pick it up again.


There are lots of similarities between The Princess Saves Herself In This One and milk and honey. The layout of the poems are of a similar format, the content can be quite graphic and hard to read at times (some trigger warnings for abuse and eating disorders) but accurately details what it can be like as a young woman growing up in an oppressing environment, the completes of relationships and are both written by strong, young women. Although there are many similarities to milk and honey, there is one difference I found quite notable. Lovelace’s words are incredibly raw, so raw you can still feel the fresh and and healing wounds of our poetess and quite reasonably so. This collection gives insight into the difficult life that Lovelace has experienced so far.


Keeping this in mind I have so much respect for Lovelace to have turned such hardships and tragedies into something productive that such a pure and raw experience. I’m sure others that have experienced similar things could draw some comfort in the fact that another out there understands how them feel. I love the themes of positivity and determination that come shining through, plus the imagery of princesses, mermaids and dragons completely appealed to my fantasy loving mind.


What further impressed me was discovering that The Princess Saves Herself In This One was self-published by Lovelace. The perseverance and resilience to turn hardships into such a beautiful thing is incredibly impressive and should be applauded. Not to mention the simpleness of the hard copy of the book is quite understated and eloquent. There are no pictures, no bright colours to distract. No excessive words, descriptions or recommendations. Just poetry, pure and simple. I found this incredibly refreshing and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this collection of poetry to anyone. In particular anyone who enjoyed the ever popular milk and honey, anyone that needs a little reminder of their self-worth, anyone that is going through a hard time so they can see that life does get better and you can turn these smoking ruins into something new  and beautiful. I give The Princess Saves Herself In This One four crowns, Lovelace is a true queen.


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