Wine Wednesday 09/11/16

Wine Wednesday comes around again and here I sit, wine glass in hand, to discuss this weeks pairing. If you have read some of my other Wine Wednesday posts you might remember me introducing one of my favourite wineries in the Clare Valley, Claymore Wines. They are a winery located in the Clare Valley in South Australia and their most distinguishing feature is that they name all of the wines after something musical. Tonights pick is named after the famous Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side of The Moon. The Dark Side of The Moon is a delicious and easy to drink shiraz. I particularly enjoy shiraz from this region as the wines tend to be a little lighter than those from other wine regions, like the Barossa. Fear not my non-local friends this wine is also available from Dan Murphy’s at a great price so you don’t even need to travel to the region to get involved, just pop to your local booze shop and join the fun.


What book will we be pairing this wine with today? Well, I’m taking the name literally today and we are going right past the dark side of the moon and straight on to Mars with The Martian by Andy Weir. This is one of my favourite books I have read this year and, in my opinion, is most definitely worth a read. Seriously, even if you saw the movie, read the book. Mark Watney is even funnier in the book (even with the skills of Matt Damon). This book will make you laugh out loud more than once. My only caution is beware while sipping this red – you don’t want to spit it everywhere  unexpectedly. Ain’t nobody got time for cleaning red wine stains! In all serious though, this book will appeal to even those that don’t read science fiction or are good at science. I found the scientific explanations were simple and I almost felt like I was learning something smart.


Pick up a bottle of this wine, kick back on the couch with a glass in hand. Order your favourite takeout or cook your favourite meal and enjoy together while reading all about Mark Watney trying to survive on Mars by growing potatoes from his own excrement. Or watch the movie, or watch the movie followed by the book, whatever floats your boat. Just don’t make my mistake and watch the movie too soon after completing the book, the movie only dulls in comparison to Weir’s writing. Already read The Martian? Have you tried Weir’s short story The Egg? This short story i the perfect length for a glass of wine and thought-provoking at that. Follow the link and have a great. Happy Wine and Words Wednesday all!


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