Top Five Halloween Reads.

As much as I don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Australia (apart from perhaps watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show, lets be honest, I’ll take any excuse) I thought it might be a bit of fun to pick out five of my favourite creepy reads to share with you all. The only problem will be choosing which one to pick up to read? Also open to suggestions…hint, hint. Would love to hear your favourite Halloween reads in the comments below!


First up is perhaps my favourite creepy read of all The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. This novel is gothic fiction set in Spain around the civil war and involves our hero of the novel, Daniel, being introduced by his father to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books where he must choose one book to take and protect. His choice , written by author Julian Carax turns out to be an endangered species with a mysterious figure destroying all copies of Carax’s novels in existence. This book is haunting, immersing you within the story and the characters and I guarantee you, you will not see the twist coming. Definitely worth picking up – Halloween or not.


My next pick is a short and sweet novella by author David Mitchell. Slade House is a horror story set in the same realm as his novel, The Bone Clocks. The iron door in Slade Alley opens once every nine years. Those who are invited in are never seen again. The novella spans five decades, following Slade House and its occupants over the years. A great little read I would highly recommend, followed by The Bone Clocks of course as it is a nice introduction into Mitchell’s work. I recently listened to this on audiobook too and very much enjoyed the visualisation.


One could not write this list without including a Gillian Flynn novel and Sharp Objects is my pick. While Gone Girl will forever be my first and favourite read, Sharp Objects, weaves an incredibly creepy and memorable story. The characters are great and are given such great range. I enjoyed the twist in the ending and found myself immersed in Flynn’s work once again.


A recent read The Passage by Justin Cronin ticks all the boxes. Apocalyptic end of the world: check, vampires: check, plenty of horror and gore: check. I recently began this trilogy and can’t wait to conclude it. To say this story is simply a horror post-apocalyptic vampire story does not do it justice. This story is much more with complex, rich characters and intricate storylines touching on some important themes. Another one I would highly recommend Halloween or no, just be prepared for an epic read as all three books are mammoth.


Last on the list is a book I read years ago and barely remember myself (perhaps the answer to which book I should read?) is The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. Most of us will have either read this story or watched the movies at some point, but for those of you who haven’t experienced either this novel centres around the five Lisborn sisters. Girls locked away by their mother and the story told from the boys entranced by them. Haunting and macabre with the ending this book will draw you in.


Tell me what you think of my list. How would you change it? What am I missing? Most of all have a great Halloween!


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