Wine Wednesday 26/10/16

Wine Wednesday comes around again all too quickly. Not that I’m complaining, what better way to brighten hump day than with a glass of wine and a great book? Probably a glass of wine, great book and some cheese but sadly, no cheese today. Now I know you are dying to know what wine we have to look forward to today. What I have for you is a bottle of 2014 Cracklin Rosey Rose from Bendbrook Wines in the Adelaide Hills. Bendbrook is a boutique winery growing vineyards outside of Macclesfield. What sets boutique wineries apart from larger commercial ones is that their wines are truly unique reflecting the weather and growing patterns of each year. Commercial wineries keep control juice, which they keep each year to keep a continuity of taste in their wines year after year. Boutique wineries, like Bendbrook, use grapes only grown from that season creating a different wine each year. The Crackling Rosey is grown from shiraz grapes found in a hidden valley that don’t ripen with the others, so are instead picked early to make rose.


Such a unique wine and what to pair it with? Well only a unique book from one of my favourite authors, Sara Gruen. When the name Rosey comes to mind there is only one I picture in my head and she is large, wrinkly and grey. Water For Elephants is the story of Jacob, who after a personal tragedy comes to work as a vet for a circus back in the 1920’s. He develops an unlikely friendship with Rosie, an elephant acquired by the circus. This book is powerful and will touch your soul. I only recently reread it and was reminded of the story envelops you into the harsh world of circuses back during prohibition. This story is unlike others you will read and I definitely recommend it over the movie for the extra depth to the story and the peripheral characters.


Crack open a bottle of Cracklin Rosey while cuddled up on the couch with this unforgettable book. Alternatively, if you are in the region, pack up your copy and take a drive into the Adelaide Hills up to Hahndorf. Visit the Bendbrook cellar door up on the main street. The quaint cellar door is run by the owner, lovely friendly people you can sit and have a great chat with. Of course pick up a bottle of your favourite. I do recommend the Crackling Rosey, a nice crisp rose that isn’t overly sweet and is a little too easy to drink. Read your book over a glass of wine there or visit any number of the beautiful cafes, pubs, restaurants in the Hahndorf area. Bonus points if you head up in Autumn when the days are crisp and the streets filled with leaves.


Do you have any idea how much an elephant drinks?


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