Wine Wednesday 05/10/16

‘Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life

Wine Wednesday again? Let’s crack a bottle and rejoice. Hump day is no longer bleak, you have wine and books to look forward to. The winery we are looking at today is one of my very favourites. Claymores is located in the Clare Valley, a wine region two hours north of Adelaide. An absolutely beautiful wine region. I would definitely recommend if you ever get the opportunity to spend a long weekend in Clare. Hire a bike and ride along the Riesling Trail, tasting wines as you go. Visit the multitudes of gorgeous small towns in the are, each unique in their own way. Head a little further north to Melrose and climb Mount Remarkable. Back to Claymores and be prepared, I’m likely going to feature their wines more than once. Part of what makes me love their wines so much is that their labels are inspired by great music. Influences such as rock, folk and punk feature heavily in the naming of their wines. A great, unique concept that distinguishes them from the pack. The wine I’m selecting tonight is their Bittersweet Symphony Cabernet Sauvignon. One of my favourite wines, this is a smooth red with notes of blueberries.


Taking Claymores inspiration from music I looked to the lyrical meaning of the namesake while making this pairing. Bittersweet Symphony is all about the ups and downs of life. There is the good and there is the bad. The first book that came to mind was the bittersweet story of Jude and his friends. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara is an incredibly poignant tale of four friends and their life in New York. The book mostly focuses on Jude and slowly the reader unravels the story of his tragic life. The sweet part is in the relationships he forms in New York with his small group of friends and his adoptive family. Lines in the song also reference not being able to change and being stuck in a mold. This is very reminiscent of Jude and his beliefs that his past defined him and he is unable to change. This book is not for the faint hearted, the content is heavy. You are probably going to be needing a whole bottle to get through the book. But it is very much worth the epic read and I urge you to give it a try.


Crack open a bottle of Bittersweet Symphony on a quiet weekend night when you have the house to yourself. A night when you can hear the resounding silence. Sit and sip away at your glass of wine as you immerse yourself in this story, giving yourself over to the power of Yanagihara’s writing, making you care for these characters are though they are real people. Let yourself just sit there and feel, feel how hard and awful life can be especially at the hands of others. But let the sweetness of pure relationships buoy you. If you are ever in the region, definitely pay Claymores a visit, the staff at the cellar door are friendly and helpful. Taste your way through the music and buy a bottle to savour later.


No change, I can’t change.

I can’t change, I can’t change

But I’m here in my mold


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