Wine Wednesday 21/09/16

Here we are, ready for the second of the hopefully many to come Wine Wednesday. Lets all figuratively clink our glasses in celebration. This week I’ve pulled a bottle of  2012 Paxton MV Cabernet Sauvignon from my wine rack. Paxton’s is located in the McLaren Vale wine region, just south of Adelaide. This well known winery stands out as it is a biodynamic winery which focuses on minimal interventions, promoting healthy, living soils using natural composting rather than synthetic fertilisers.  This particular bottle was a clear favourite of mine after I accidentally bought it twice on two separate occasions. The first time was my first visit to their cellar door, a beautiful airy room with a views to die for. Their cellar door staff were chatty, friendly and very helpful. My friend and I had decided on a spontaneous day down south and this was our first stop and a bottle came home with me. My second visit was stop four on a wine tour with some friends and I was a little (a lot) tipsy and having a great time. Once again I came home with a bottle and was quite entertained to realise it was the same bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.


Why, you may ask, am I pairing with this delectable bottle of biodynamic Cab Sav? A book just as Australian, organic and free spirited as the bottle. Hope Farm by Peggy Frew is the story of Silver, a young girl, growing up on a hippie commune in outback Victoria back in the 70’s. A finalist for both the Stella Prize and the Miles Franklin Award this book has a strong impact and is beautifully written. Following the relationship between Silver and her mother, Ishtar, as Silver grows up and learns to navigate commune life. This is a memorable read that I would highly recommend. I have no doubt in my mind Ishtar and her fellow hippies would be all for enjoying a bottle or two of natural grown red around the bonfire at night, although, lets be honest Silver wouldn’t care being less than interested in the crunchy, spiritual principles of commune life.


Wait for a sunny spring Sunday afternoon, roll out a picnic blanket on the lawn (you know, being one with nature and all) and crack a bottle of guilt-free biodynamic wine. Slowly sip enjoying the beautiful weather Australian spring has to offer and let yourself be transported back in time to the 70’s and follow the story of Silver and Ishtar. Alternatively, if you ever find yourself in the region, take a drive down to McLaren Vale and taste all of the wines Paxton have to offer. Pick your favourite, grab a bottle and sit in the garden surrounding the cellar door and have a read. What better way to spend your day?


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2 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday 21/09/16

  1. That is a fantastic review of both the book and the wine. I am now eager to head down to Paxton Winery at Mclaren Vale and try the wine for myself. The book sounds like a great read too. Thank you. J 🌞


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