milk and honey – Rupi Kaur

my heart woke me crying last night

how can i help i begged

my heart said

write the book


Poetry is not my typical read. I have seen this book all over the place and was mildly curious about it as it is unusual for a poetry book to get so much attention. My mind was made up after reading the above inscription. Such an intriguing passage and then the format, split into four parts: the hurting, the loving, the breaking, the healing. I had to read it.


I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something different. Kaur’s words are haunting. I finished the hurting barely 15 minutes after opening the package it arrived in. I had to limit myself to one part each day just to make the book last. So many of the poems spoke straight to my soul. I never really enjoyed poetry a great deal back in my school days, probably because they made you study poems with double or ambiguous meanings. This didn’t really appeal to me. What I long to read is profound ideas wrapped up in pretty words. I love language, I love the way things sound. This is why I fell in love with Kaur’s work. Her words are magical and the meanings behind them hit the nail on the head way too much.


If you are a women, read this. There is so much in there to identify with. To know others have walked this path with you. If you are man, read this. If only to learn. Learn what it feels like growing up female. Learn how damaging actions can be. Learn to change for the future should you bring a daughter into the world. For the world to be a different place to grow up as a girl. I’m not one for feminist rants or even identifying myself as one. I don’t like the way being “a feminist” or realistically anything that inspires passionate opinions (racism, politics, religion) is portrayed with negative connotation, particularly in social media. People care to much, people say things with too much anger, people make brash statements without ever stopping to acknowledge what other people have to say. I’m not one of those people and have no interest engaging in those conversations. But this book, this book will challenge your thinking in the most beautiful way. Read it, feel the beauty in the words, learn from it. Of course not every man treats women this way, not every female will identify with it, certainly many young boys will have felt the same things. Take a moment to step into someone else’s life and just feel.


This was probably one of the best decisions I have made this year in terms of trying different books. I could have easily read this book in one sitting and already plan to start all over again and have begun telling everyone I know to read this, read it immediately. It has also inspired me to add more poetry to my reading lists. I would urge you to give this book a go, even if you aren’t much of a poetry reader yourself. You may surprise yourself as much as I did. I give milk and honey five bumble bees, hard at work making that honey.


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