Wine Wednesday.

Welcome to Wine Wednesday! A fortnightly blog post I’m planning to bring you pairing two of my favourite things: books and wine. My love of books is clear, I write my blog about it. I also have a love for good wine, reds in particular and just so happen to live smack bang in the middle of some great wine regions. Why not show off some great local wines to my readers? What better to do with your wine than pair it with a great book on the couch? Maybe a little cheese too? I feel like I’m going to enjoy this research… follow on for my first attempt at a pairing. These pairings may be tenuous connections at best, but they sure are  going to be a lot of fun to come up with!


First up I’m pairing a bottle of Mount Lofty Methode Traditionelle Sparkling. The Mount Lofty Vineyard is located in the Adelaide Hills wine region in South Australia. It is a small boutique winery that creates single vineyard, estate grown wines. The grapes are all hand-picked and the vines hand-pruned, a throwback to old traditions. This bottle of Methode Traditionelle Sparkling is named so as it is prepared in the traditional way of champagne. Essentially it is a champagne in every way, except for of course not hailing from the region itself. This sparkling is delectable and though not a huge sparkling fan myself, I could not resist buying myself a bottle after tasting it on a wine tour earlier this year.


What am I pairing this magical sparkling with? Why, the Great Gatsby of course! I can’t think of a book about champagne without my mind jumping straight to Fitzgerald’s crowning jewel. This book is an old classic that I fell in love with the first time I read it, four years ago in the city of Amsterdam on my first solo overseas trip. Who can resist the glitz, the glamour of the 1920’s? The story is tragic, yet beguiling and the characters are ones you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon. A true masterpiece.


This wine is best opened while all frocked up and ready for a girls night. Sit back, relax while all glammed up, glass of the sparkling in hand while squeezing in a few chapters with Gatsby, Daisy and Nick Caraway. That is until the girls turn up, ready for a night out. That’s when you share this delectable bottle with your besties. Bonus points for switching on the soundtrack to the movie for a little atmosphere (Baz Luhrmann, you have my heart). I mean, a little party never killed nobody, right? A great night is guaranteed.


If any of you are ever in the region, I do recommend a visit to Mount Lofty Vineyard. The view is to die for and their boutique wines are delicious, in particular the Methode Traditionelle Sparkling. Go for lunch, taste their range and sit back with a bottle of your favourite taking in the spectacular Adelaide Hills scenery. You won’t regret it!


“In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”


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