Black Water Lilies – Michel Bussi

Three women lived in a village. The first was mean, the second a liar, and the third an egotist.

And so the epilogue begins. The second novel of Bussi’s to be translated to English is Black Water Lilies. A novel set in Giverny in Claude Monet’s gardens. A man found murdered sets it all off. Thirteen days later another murder ends it all. Three women caught up in the mystery. How will it all end? By far the best epilogue I have read all year, if ever. So intriguing, so crypticc. If the blurb didn’t hook you, the  first two pages will. Bussi’s first English novel, After The Crash was everything a thriller should be: fast-paced, twisting turns you don’t seem coming and great characters with so much range. Black Water Lilies certainly doesn’t disappoint in any of those categories either.


Bussi has a way of slowly developing stories, slowly adding each piece of his puzzle. This book was particularly cryptic, I spent most of the novel hypothesising, theorising, trying to make it all fit together. For the longest time I had no clue. Until the moment came and it all fell into place and it was just so satisfying that it all made sense. I don’t want to talk about the plot too much, it deserves to be discovered on its own, the way the author intended. Therefore, I shall keep this fairly short and sweet: if you love a great thriller, try Michel Bussi. Either of his books, it doesn’t matter. His writing style is addictive with just the right amount of suspense. In fact, can we just get it over wth and translate all his books to English? Please and thank you!


Once again  his character creation and development is impressive. He creates diverse characters that are mysterious, complex and quite layered. There are some that seem straight forward and some that you know from the beginning will keep you on your toes. Each of the three women named in the epilogue are interesting characters and keep the pace of the book flowing.


Black Water Lilies  was another great thriller that hooked me in. The second half in particular I read in one sitting, desperate to know the conclusion. The twist at the end is so satisfying and well worth it. I give Black Water Lilies four paint palettes used to capture Monet’s beautiful gardens.


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One thought on “Black Water Lilies – Michel Bussi

  1. This was the first book of Bussi I have read and I fell in love. I also read After the crash and Never Forget (im not sure about the transaltion) but I feel like this one is so much better, maybe because of the ending which gave me chills and now I tell everyone I know to read this book.


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