Before I Go To Sleep – S. J. Watson

I finished reading this book earlier tonight but decided to go to bed and write this in the morning. How fitting that I find myself unable to sleep and am therefore combating my night of insomnia with writing this review. Before I Go To Sleep is a story about Christine, who wakes up in a strange bed next to a strange man. Confused, lost, she has no idea how this has happened. Turns out that Christine has amnesia brought on by an accident years before. This she all learns from the strange man, her husband Ben. Over the course of the book Christine starts to remember flashes of memories, which she documents in her journal as encouraged by her therapist, Dr Nash. Over time not everything adds up with Christine coming to some  chilling conclusions about her life and amnesia.


This book is an intriguing example of what it is truly like to have amnesia. You start the book with little information, going in blind, just as Christine does. The only information available to you comes as she slowly discovers piece by piece of the puzzle. The reader is privy to no extra tidbits. You are just as lost as Christine is. Throughout the book you experience Christine’s highs and lows as she try to put her faith in her husband, Ben. You can appreciate how frustrating, how scary, life would be for people suffering from amnesia. Repeatedly being told that the strangers in front of them are actually their nearest and dearest. I really enjoyed this aspect of the novel. Christine’s conflicting thoughts about her husband and the ethics of the situation were really interesting and gave a unique aspect of the book.


My only criticism was the pace of the book. As much as I read the book in one day I felt it could have been a little shorter to keep the pace moving. I found at times the journal entires got a little repetitive and perhaps could have been cut down a little to add a bit more urgency to the plot. The last part of the book moves very quickly with the plot twists and turns that you have been anticipating being revealed and I found myself flying through the last part of the book just to find out what the ultimate twist was. I was not disappointed. It was a pretty simple twist, I’m sure others could have goes at it, I had not and felt that the book ended well.


Overall I give Before I Go To Sleep three of Christine’s journals, that help switch the light on in her life. Read this is you enjoy a thriller with a unique perspective, where you can truly immerse yourself in the character’s shoes.


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