Reassessing Goals.

This year has been the first year I have taken my reading seriously. When I say seriously I mean I set myself a goal at the beginning of the year, I have kept track of what books I have been reading and also started writing about the books I have read. Almost 6 months in and I am loving it! Although I find myself at an end. I have all but finished my 2016 reading goal and I’m not even 6 months in. Oops.


When I set my reading goal at the beginning of the year I thought that 60 books was pretty reasonable. That is a little over a book a week, a pretty realistic yet not too easy goal. I can do that. I guess I have found out I can certainly do that! Turns out with this whole “taking it seriously” business worked and I have been ploughing my way through it (not that my TBR piles is getting much smaller).


A good portion of this I attribute to having a few weeks off here and there. At the beginning of the year and the week just gone I have had stretches of time off work allowing me to read about six books a week. Without this I doubt I would have steamed so far ahead. Regardless of the reason, it is time I reassessed my goal.


For the rest of the year  I plan to make my goal a total of 100 books. Much more than I originally believed I could. I could have doubled my goal, challenged myself to read as much in the second half of the year as the first. However, I’m not likely to have as many long stretches ahead of me allowing myself to get ahead again and I don’t want to overcommit myself. Also considering I haven’t had any reading slumps so far I think it is reasonable to expect that it will happen in the next six months. This new goal allows for that.


There we have it. Crisis averted. A new reading goal has been set. Can I do it? I have faith I can. Do you set reading goals? What is your goal? How are you travelling with it at the six-month mark? I would love to hear your thoughts and process. Happy reading! x


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