Positive Thinking.

Now I don’t know about you all, but I love myself a bit of positive thinking. While awful things happen all too often in this world and they deserve to be acknowledged I think it is important to still keep a positive mindset as much as possible. Don’t let the bad moments/thoughts keep you down! Not that there is anything wrong with a good cry or a nice session of self-pity. In fact I think they are important for all of us, just once you have had your moment it is important to pick yourself up again and just keep swimming!


Books are a great medium for this. Just by reading a book I’m transported to my happy place. It calms me and allows me to escape from reality for a bit. Something we all need from time to time. I love nothing more than a book that embodies this feeling, this feeling of positivity, of making the most of your life. I’m going to use this post to discuss a few of my favourites and would love to hear any suggestions from you. What books give you this feeling? Teach you life lessons? Make you feel on top of the world?


Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes

This book is what prompted the topic of this post. I read this book only recently and it made me remember how much I love books of this type. I loved hearing Shonda’s  story of how she challenged herself with her year of yes. Saying yes to herself, no matter how much it scared her. There were some great lessons to be found in her chapters. Lessons like how important it is to say yes to your health, the importance of challenging yourself constantly, learning to stand up for yourself in friendships and relationships. Basically everything you already know, but the way she presents it is realistic and relatable with a hint of humor on the side. Definitely a good one particularly if you are a fan of any of her TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder.


The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch 

Probably one of my most treasured books, the Last Lecture is a heartbreaking but beautiful book that I just keep coming back to. Randy was a computer science professor who was approached to be a part of his former university’s series of “Last Lectures”. If you had to impart your final words of wisdom with the world, what would you say? The tragedy was that Randy had terminal cancer, this really would be his last lecture. This book is essentially his words of wisdom from this lecture (it actually exists, you can watch it on YouTube) expanded upon and put down into words. Beautiful pockets of information, his own life experiences you can take with you. I reread this book probably once a year or so to remind myself of not only all these little life lessons but to remind myself that anything can happen and to live life the best way I can. One day I’ll work myself up to actually watch the lecture, though I know it will just break me. This book is everything, I urge you to give it a go.


The Anti-Cool Girl – Rosie Waterland 

This book is a memoir and it isn’t particularly uplifting or positive. It is hilarious and endearing, like laugh out loud like a crazy person hilarious, telling the story of Rosie’s life. Now I fell in love with Rosie Waterland through her amazing recap articles of the Australian Bachelor. She had an extremely hard life growing up and her memoir tells of some of these harrowing tales but with so much humor that these hard truths become palatable and not as soul-crushing as you might think. The positivity and good vibes come from the fact that not only is Rosie able to tell her story in a tongue and cheek way that makes it more entertaining than it should be (rather than just straight up depressing) but what she has overcome to get to the amazing place that she is at now. Independent and kicking ass while still being hilarious and completely relatable. This book stuck with me long after I finished it and Rosie, I salute you.


Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

This is one that needs little introduction, thanks to the movie staring Julia Roberts. I have to say I very much enjoyed this book. The eat I could definitely relate to and I loved the descriptions and landscape of Italy! Sounds amazing! The pray with all the meditating lost me a little, not really my forte but still I enjoy following her journey and love hate relationship with meditating. The love was the best part, watching her learn slowly about Indonesia and their culture and beautiful people was uplifting and heart-warming. I’m even considering trying another of her books. Any recommendations?


These are just a few of my favourites and, of course, I’m always looking for more! What do you guys suggest? What else do you do to make yourself happy? Sending happy vibes all your way.



2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking.

  1. I love Eat Pray Love and was blown away by The Last Lecture. What a gem of a book! So many great lessons. I love Liz’s other nonfiction books, especially Big Magic.

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