Book Mail Surprise

I was very lucky recently, I won a Facebook competition hosted by Allen & Unwin for a book lucky dip. To my excitement I came home from work and found a parcel on my doorstep containing my prize. Well prizes, I received two! I love the concept of a lucky dip and also the “blind date with a book” that goes around bookstagram. I think its a great way to read books you may not have come across or even necessarily have picked up in the first place. This is exactly what happened to me and I’m already looking forward to finding out what these books bring.


The first book I received was Green on Blue by Elliot Ackerman. This book instantly intrigued me. The story follows two brothers Ali and Aziz growing up in Afghanistan and how their world is shattered one day when soldiers come to their village and how they do what they need to survive in a war-torn country. I’m already prepared for the tear-jerker that I’m sure it will be but I do know I thoroughly enjoyed Khaled Hosseini’s novels set in similar war-torn countries where life is nothing like what we experience here in our relatively safe western world. Looking forward to reading a story set in a similar background, if for nothing than a little perspective.


The second book I received was Waking Lions by Eyelet Gundar-Goshen. This book is about a doctor who is involved in a hit and run but flees the scene when he realises that it will not end well for the African migrant that he struck. Unaware that the migrant’s wife observed the whole even until she turns up on his doorstep with one request. One request that will turn his world upside down. A book I probably would have never picked up myself, however, the drama sounds interesting and I have made efforts in the year so far to read a wide range of book genres.


I feel incredibly luck I had the opportunity to win some exciting and unique books and look forward to diving into them asap. Think either of them sound interesting? Look out for my reviews to come!



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