Managing the never-ending pile

Does anyone else have an out of control TBR pile? I’m going to assume yes, of course you do. There are too many great books out there that sound so interesting you just NEED to read and I’m sure, just like me, you find it impossible to walk into a bookstore and not purchase a book. For the record I actually managed this yesterday! Progress! Are you proud?


Currently my TBR pile, which is actually two piles next to each other because there are too many for one, is standing at fifteen books. Fifteen. Crazy! For me, that is. I am an organised person, I dislike having such an unmanageable pile. I mean fifteen books is enough to last at least two months. This pile contains some re-reads of books i have read before that I have had an urge to revisit, books leant to me by friends, secondhand bookstore finds, plus more fiction that I have purchased.


What I want to know is how do you manage it? How do you decide what gets read next? Do you have a strict order? How long they have been sitting in your pile? What book takes your interest most? Is this list set in stone? Does is change as your whims do? I’m currently trying to be a little more ordered, keeping a list of what comes next that I’m attempting to keep to, within reason of course.


My aim is to read, fairly quickly with a high priority, the books that have been leant to me by friends. Books are one of my most prized possessions that I look after and cherish and so appreciate when people respect mine and return them in a timely fashion. Therefore, I try to do the same thing. From there, I try to somewhat chronologically read the books in order of how long I have had them. I do have a couple that have been sitting there since the beginning of the year, which are pretty old and need to be knocked off. However, I also think it is important to read what interests you, ultimately what you feel like reading because forcing yourself to read something you aren’t super interested in at the time can lead to a negative perception of the book that may be undeserved. Sometimes certain books are just what you need and I think you need to leave room to accommodate this.


My current list has been interrupted to finish off the Throne of Glass series and I loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed immersing myself in the three books from that series that I have read in the past week. Being able to read them back to back was a really enjoyable feeling and I haven’t had so many in a series to read in succession in a long time. My plan was to read my borrowed books next but I am currently having a quick detour in favour of a re-read of The Girl on the Train, which I read about a year ago but wanted a refresh after seeing the trailer for the movie (looks amazing!). I will move on to my borrowed books next (for real this time) but just knew I also needed an easy read, one I had read before after having an exhausting day.


I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on their TBR piles! Comparisons of size too! Am I a bit over the top or do I really have nothing to complain about? Send some thoughts my way and see below for just some of those books on my pile.



5 thoughts on “Managing the never-ending pile

  1. Ugh my TBR pile has turned into two extremely packed shelves! But I just can’t stop buying! I am not someone who can set out an exact list of books I will read each month, because I read based on what I feel like. What I have been doing is making sure I rotate between books I have had for a long time so I’m not just reading new stuff. Also I’ve been reading a classic a month! So it’s helped to put a little dent in my pile πŸ™‚

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  2. Great post!! My TBR is completely out of control. I’ve got about 1,000 books that I physically own/have borrowed that I still need to read. That doesn’t include the over 800 I have on various Amazon lists of books that someday I’d like to read, but I don’t own. I really struggle with deciding what to read next. Some times I have a book that calls to me, other times I’m so overwhelmed and just grab what catches my eye. I don’t read all that quickly (I may have pushed myself too hard with my goal of 100 books this year), so the books just stack up. And even though I have all of those books, I will still go to the library and grab a big stack of books to read. Most of my books are used paperbacks I’ve gotten through library book sales or garage sales. I actually rarely purchase a brand new book!


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